Saturday, April 16, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: C.J. Archer

C.J. lives in Australia with her husband, 2 kids and a kitten who thinks she owns the keyboard.  C.J. has been writing for 15 years while holding down boring day jobs and raising a family.  She loves writing, reading and consuming good food and wine.  When she's not doing any of these things she's catching up on the latest episodes of The Tudors, Dr Who and other great British shows.  


  • When you think your book is finished, let it sit for 6 months or more.  Forget about it.  Write another book or two in the meantime.  Then get it out again and be honest with yourself as you re-read.  Ask other people to read it, people you trust to tell you straight if it's any good (this is probably not your parents).  I know it's frustrating to wait but putting a good product out there is important to your long term success.   
  • Don't be nice to your protagonist.  Find out what her worst fear is then inflict it upon her.  
  • Never, ever stop striving to improve your writing.

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