Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hines Gets His Flirt On & other Ramblings

When I read that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was going to be on Dancing With The Stars I knew he would sparkle. He's got such a great smile and such a luminous personality that, no matter how he danced, he'd make people smile. But who knew he could cha-cha like this?

Is that cute or what? And did you see who was twirling the Terrible Towel at 3:57 in the video. If you watch closely not only is Franco Harris there cheering him on but a little ways behind Franco you can see Mel Blount clapping, too. How can any Steelers fan not love this video?
Well, I've blogged before about being a Steelers fan and this is just one more reason why. I've been working away on my newest novel, Depraved Heart, in which one of the main characters is a former Pittsburgh Steeler and, as my character takes shape, I am loving the way he is unfolding. After I watched this video I tried to imagine him being in the audience and it was not a stretch at all -- he would have had just as good a time and clapped just as loudly and enthusiastically as the real Steelers did.

It's kind of wonderful really to get to see a video like this because it fleshes out one's imagination and makes these guys seem all the more real and lovable and wonderful. I've never watched Dancing With The Stars. I don't have anything particularly against it, it just never interested me until I saw this. Then it was only because I loved the personalities involved. I kind of loved when the one judge told Mr. Ward that he needed to get more swivel action in his hips because, of course, Franco harris was Mr. Swivel Hips himself back in his day. I can only imagine him doing  the cha-cha... or my character... can I work that into my story somehow.... hmmmm...

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  1. Franco is so damn cute. I remember when he was playing every girl I knew was crazy about him. He still looks good!

  2. I think that is Jerome Bettis over Franco's left shoulder.


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