Saturday, March 05, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Lindsay Buroker

I've been writing fantasy novels and short stories since I was seven. I've been finishing them since... well, that's a more recent development.

I'm a professional blogger for my day job, and I live in the Seattle area. I have two vizslas who are as spoiled as most people's kids. Occasionally they let me leave the house to play tennis, go to the coffee shop, or take a yoga class.

My fantasy short stories are available as free ebooks around the web, and my fantasy novels are up at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.
  • My free ebook, Ice Cracker II, which I uploaded to Smashwords and Feedbooks and which recently got listed as a freebie at B&N (via Smashwords distribution) has probably been the single largest contributor to my ebook sales. It's a short story, which stars the same characters as are in my $2.99 fantasy novel, The Emperor's Edge. I included an excerpt from the novel at the end of the story and links to the novel at B&N, Amazon, and Smashwords. I've had a big uptick in sales at B&N, in particular, since that ebook appeared in their store.
  • Guest posting and participating in blog tours has helped to introduce my other novel, a science fantasy romance called Encrypted, to the world. I didn't have a short story written to promote this one (though I'm thinking of doing one in the next couple months!), so I had to do it the old-fashioned way, by getting the word out. I hit up my Twitter buddies and found folks willing to let me guest blog on their sites, sometimes giving away free copies of the ebook. I wrote informative posts designed to help folks with blog and book promotion (though I'm a new ebook author, I've been making a living from blogging for years, so I've learned a little about internet marketing along the way). I've had people tell me they found out about Encrypted on such-and-such site, so I know this hard work resulted in some sales.
  • Anyone can advertise on Goodreads, and that's one of the first things I tried. By itself, it increased my book sales from zero/one a day to about three. Granted that's not a huge increase, but I make more in royalties than I spend at Goodreads, and I figure anything helps. Also, it's a "set it and forget it" way of selling books. I checked in a lot in the beginning and tweaked the ads, but now I just poke my head in a couple times a week to make sure things are going well. Note: Goodreads is a pay-per-click model, meaning you pay every time someone clicks on your ad, so it's easy to waste money if you're not careful about targeting your readers. I'm going to refer you to my article on Advertising at Goodreads for 2,000+ words of details on that, since it goes beyond the scope of this post. 

Links: (my blog on e-publishing and my books) (I have a couple fun videos up on book promotion) (my Amazon author page--come see my ebooks!)

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