Monday, March 28, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Joseph Robert Lewis

Joseph Robert Lewis's career in fiction follows a decade of writing and publishing about military theory and history, software development, politics and economics, and the personal stories of entrepreneurs, soldiers, and adventurers of all sorts. His books include science fiction, such as his debut novel Heirs of Mars, and historical fantasy in his wide-ranging Other Earth series, which begins with the steampunk thriller The Burning Sky.
  • Be professional. Work hard, edit your writing thoroughly, and hire freelancers as needed to deliver a professional product. Most importantly, be polite and courteous when promoting your work.
  • Take your time. Most people will not get rich or famous as an indie author very quickly. Develop a long-term plan for several books. Keep your prices constant. Don't experiment too much or too often.
  • Be prepared for silence. After all your hard work, it may take a while for readers to discover your work, sample it, buy it, read it, and eventually review it. During that time, it can feel like the world is ignoring you. Be patient.
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The Burning Sky on Kindle
Heirs of Mars on Kindle
The Tale of Asha on Smashwords (free)

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