Saturday, February 26, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Tammie Clarke Gibbs lives in a small town in Georgia where you can still see the occasional tractor on the highway and from time to time cows and pigs escape their confines to frolic alongside the road.

Tammie is the author of RECIPES FOR ROMANCE FROM THE LEADING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF ROMANCE, featuring contributions from over sixty published romance authors (2001), THE EVERYDAY ROMANTIC: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ROMANTIC RENDEZVOUS, GIFTS, AND MORE, and various other non-fiction titles. ISLAND OF SECRETS, a Time Travel Romance is her debut novel(11/2010)and is the first in several yet to be titled upcoming releases.
  • Be Realistic- Do your homework... Many unpublished authors set about to write a book without having any type of critique group or editorial feedback.  Enter a few contests or join a critique group.  At the very least query agents and use their feedback to help you analyze your work objectively.  Once you know that you are marketable you should hone your craft until your work is sharper than anything a NY Publisher would put out.
  • Forego the EXCUSES.  Writer's are really good at falling into ruts and finding excuses, very elaborate excuses for not finishing or not starting the work that they need to get done.  Don't let the Excuses rob you of your chance to succeed.
  • Don't Skimp. Once you know your book is polished and it sparkles like a fine diamond, you won't want to diminish it's appeal with an unprofessional cover.  If you've ever been told that cover's don't matter, you were told wrong.  Invest in a cover designer if you aren't gifted in layout yourself.  Spend for good artwork and by all means make sure you have the proper rights for your artwork.  As authors we should all respect the artists rights and support them as much as we want everyone to respect our rights.  Investing in your book, making sure it is edited and formatted properly is really an investment in you and your future.  Why would you ever want anyone to see your book in anything less than it's best?  

ISLAND OF SECRETS by Tammie Clarke Gibbs
A Time Travel-A Love Story filled with Suspense-A Mystery that will keep you guessing til the end...
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  1. Great tips, especially about not foregoing critique from your peers!


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