Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For/From Indie Authors: Keryl Raist

Keryl Raist is a part-time writer, part-time blogger, part-time book reviewer, and full-time mom. When not balancing babies with books, she likes to sleep. She lives in Charleston, SC, with two little boys; the "Number One, All-Star, Son-In-Law Of The Year Champion" (according to a discerning panel of her mom and mom's best friends); and a remarkably unflusterable cat.


  • Edit!  Edit!  And then do it one more time.  Then, figure out whatever your biggest writing weakness is (mine is comma use) and use the find function on Word and find it.  Go through each example and make sure it's right.  You might not have a perfect copy when you're done, but it will be better than it will without.
  • Keep learning.  Technology is the best friend an Indie ever had.  The more you know about formatting, creating electronic documents, how to manipulate pictures, the less dependent on other people you have to be.  
  • Ask questions before you pay money.  There's a huge number of scams out there, and a huge community of people who know how to do almost anything involving a book.  Especially if it's an expensive service, go somewhere that other Indies hang out and ask if it's a good price or if any of them can show you how to do it for yourself.  
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