Friday, February 04, 2011

Blogging About Boomers

Recently I was invited to join a new blog called Boomers and Books dedicated to books and other subjects of interest to Baby Boomers. In the past a few people have taken me to task over the fact that much of my fiction, while romantic in theme, features "old" people (you know -- over 40.) So it is exciting to find a venue where being 40+ is an asset.

I hadn't really given it much thought before but all of my fiction involves 40+ characters in romantic situations. Each Angel Burns is the most obvious one -- all three of the main characters are ±50 and faced with re-evaluating their love lives. Gabe, the good husband and good father, is smarting under the pain of realizing his marriage is falling apart. Peter, the good priest, loves his vocation but now the only woman he ever loved is back in his life, and Maggie, the good wife, has had enough of her husband's philandering.

But I hadn't really thought about the fact that when The Old Mermaid's Tale opens, Clair, the main character is now over 40 and own her own for the first time. She has spent her life loving the older man she fell in love with when she was just 20 but now, she remembers the boy she once loved who is also over 40 and she wonders what became of him.

Of course My Last Romance and other passions has lovers of all ages in it: Ruby, the 60-something chanteuse, at 50+ Stash falls in love for the first time, and at the same age Guy discovers he can fall in love again. If you are looking for Boomer-Love I've got lots to offer!

Incidentally I was also happy to see The Old Mermaid's Tale got a review on a site called Fereals. I don't know what the site is about but they loved my book.

And, on another blog, Self-Publishing Author's Lounge, Maureen Gill had nice things to say about the series here on self-publishing.

I appreciate her words because she is a first rare writer and  I love her blog. Her book January Moon is one of the best indie-published books I've read in a long time. 
So it is cold here in Gloucester, 24 degrees, and we have tons of snow -- I can't even get my back door open for the snow. And I have work today.... and more snow is on the way. Sigh.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Kathleen, so many of your characters are intriguing because they have enough life behind them to have history and complexity. That's how I thought of them, not as being of a certain age. It certainly makes them interesting!

  2. Thanks, Maureen, that's nice to hear. I'm always surprised when a reader criticizes my books for being about "old" people. It doesn't happen often but it does happen.

    I've been reading a lot on the Kindle boards about romance novels and the overwhelming sentiment is that the lovers MUST be young (no older than 25 for women, or 32 for men) and they must live happily-ever-after. What a bore.


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