Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Picked-on Palin's Pouting

There's an old saying, “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.” Oh, if only Poor Picked-on Palin would heed those words! Last night she was on Sean Hannity's show whining and complaining some MORE about how she is being picked-on by the evil, nasty, monstrous Left who want to shut her up because... well, because is kind of unclear because most of us would miss her rich source of comedy if she did actually shut up.

Sarah Palin just doesn't get it. When she issued her highly -scripted, professionally-produced video on Saturday in which she whined endlessly about how abused she has been – just hours before the President's elegant and eloquent speech on the tragic events in Arizone – she came off as a sulking, pouting whiner. What Palin just can't seem to get is that the vitriol has to stop. That's all. She can still Tweet, and post stuff on Facebook, and keep her six-figure speaking events, etc. just tone it down, Sarah, that's all we're asking.

She continued to point fingers like a grade-schooler, “They're worse, they're meaner, they do it too.” They started it, Mom! Sarah, honey, give it a rest! Yes, there has been vitriol on both sides. I haven't seen the extremist blogs on either side because, frankly, extremists are boring. Whenever I read that kind of stuff I wonder how they could type with their heads spinning around like that. Do they have little canopies over their keyboards to prevent the venom from dripping on them? But when it comes to the on-air pundits it is a different story. I admit I'm more inclined to watch Olbermann-Maddow-Schultz than I am to watch O'Reilly-Beck-Hannity. Actually, I do watch Hannity sometimes because, though I disagree with his politics, I do like some of the stuff he has on. I thought his Beyond Belief series was pretty fascinating and it caused me to buy a few more books written by people he interviewed.

But the point is, I have with my own eyes and ears observed O'Reilly-Beck spread absolute untruths, demonize, and use openly violent rhetoric toward those they disagree with. Olbermann-Schultz get mad, get fired up, and certainly call people out in no uncertain terms, but I've rarely seen them use violent imagery (neither of them has ever done a skit in which they pretended to kill someone like Beck has). I've been watching the Palin-apologists issue their false equivalency over the last week or so and it has been quite fascinating. So far they have managed to come up with three examples of “violent” rhetoric from the mainstream left (I'm disregarding bloggers and regional pundits on both sides). In 2008 then-Senator Obama made a comment about “if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun” which he later apologized for. Senator Alan Grayson said that the Republican healthcare plan is “die quickly”. That one is a mystery to me. He did use the word “die” but how anyone but the desperate could call that a threat is beyond me. And there have been a few assorted cracks from Ed Schultz whose passionate rhetoric does get fired up at times, he admits that.

Compare that to the endless stream of lies from Beck, Palin's non-stop ranting about the entirely fabricated “death panels”, O'Reilly's hundreds of references to “Tiller the Baby Killer” (prior to someone actually killing Doctor Tiller), etc. and it's pretty difficult to see both sides as being equal when it comes ratcheting up the violence. BUT... and this is a big but --- what is wrong with asking everyone, I mean EVERYONE, to calm-the-hell-down? Just knock off the talk about “second amendment solutions”, and being “armed and dangerous”, and “don't retreat, reload”, etc. etc. etc? If you can't make your point through intelligent, fact-based rhetoric then maybe you should consider you don't have a point worth making.

So, Sarah, quit whining and wise up. I realize you think facts have a liberal bias and are debatable but, if you really have the solutions to society's problems, please share them in an intelligent, fact-based manner. Stop it with the hyperbole and the inflammatory rhetoric and the finger-pointing. For God's sake, woman, get a grip! Now is the time for patriots to elevate the discourse – use intellect, reason, and wisdom not lies, buzz-words, and talking points. Show the country how mature, intelligent, and dignified you can be. Are you up to the challenge?

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  1. the crazies (right wing) got what they deserved. Now if only the mainstream media would stop reporting the crap that comes out of their collective brains - i know i would be happier, and my blood would boil less.....
    Ever notice that all the right wing crazy talking heads on fox are all UNELECTED and just what office did palin ever hold recently that she actually completed without quitting mid term anyway. I cannot fathom the interest in anything she has to say....it boggles my mind. My stepson and his wife (last year) both lost their minds and left the marriage via online dating sites, found other mates online, (you wouldn't believe me - but they BOTH ended up finding mates in casper and both spent 6-8 months setting up households ...again you wouldn't beleive me....but just blocks from each other. but both returned to calgary because they couldn't live with the crazy of both of their respective new mates.)I met one of them and couldn't believe the nonsense spewing from her "I only watch fox/tv" mind.

  2. It amazes me that there are still people who listen to her baloney. I suspect she appeals to very angry people who don't care about narcissistic whiners as long as they keep complaining.


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