Sunday, January 23, 2011

#1 Top Rated Lace Knitting Book for Kindle!!!!!

Unbelievable! I'm starting work on my next book of lace knitting patterns which I am calling "Knit Your Tail Off 1" and I went on the Kindle site to download their formatting specs and look what I found:

Is that exciting or what? I'm just so thrilled I can hardly stand it. I knew the book was selling pretty well on Kindle -- I'm so amazed that people love their Kindles as much as they do -- but I never expected this. What a thrill! Thanks to everyone who rated it -- I didn't even ask!

The new knitting book will be available for Kindle first and then, eventually, in print. It is mostly accessories: scarves, gloves, headbands, bags, and totes. But I am including my very, very popular Pooling-On-Purpose Project and my Slinky Silver Shrug.

Well, this certainly provides encouragement!!! Thank you everyone!


  1. Kathleen, this is incredible! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you! I think I'm still in shock!!!


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