Friday, December 17, 2010

Lighthouse Encased in Glittering Ice

When I was doing the research for The Old Mermaid's Tale I read account after account of storms that would wrap ships, lighthouses, piers, etc. in deep ice. Of course that happens in most northern seas in winter time but it is more severe in the Great Lakes because it is fresh water, not salt water, that is being blown up.

In my book there are two scenes in which ships become so loaded down with ice that the lives of the mariners onboard are endangered.

A few days ago a lighthouse in Ohio on Lake Erie was completely encased in ice during a storm. This amazing video is from a news channel there. Enjoy:


  1. That is seriously beautiful. Of course, I immediately start wondering if there is anyone inside, and how they would get out, how long it would take the ice to melt, and imagine that it was me trapped inside, running low on the essentials like coffee and toilet paper.

    Where did I leave that blowtorch?


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