Thursday, December 30, 2010

UPDATE: Knitting Headbands Keep Ears Warm in Winter

I am not someone who wears hats, even when the weather is below freezing I have a hard time wearing hats usually because I find them too warm and also I have slippery hair, hats just slide off -- it's weird. But a few years back I decided to try knitting a headband and I absolutely loved it. I knit it from some very fuzzy lavender "fun fur" and I wore it all winter long.

The next year I knit a second one in pink fun fur (above) using a double strand and it too got a lot of wear -- and complements. It's only problem was it started stretching out halfway through the winter and I had to thread elastic through the edges on both sides to keep the fit snug.

After that I began knitting headbands in luxury yarns using pretty lace patterns. One I knit in cashmere and gave to my sister Lisa who said she wore it all winter. I made a few more but they disappeared before I got to photograph them. Funny how that works. Recently I finished this one knit from Knit Picks' Andean Silk, an alpaca/silk/merino combination. I wore it while digging out after our recent blizzard and  it is perfect.

Last night I ordered a couple spools of invisible elastic, the kind you carry along with thread to create snug cuffs and I plan to use one strand for the bands on either side but not in the center. We'll see how that works to keep it fitting snuggly. So I'll keep you posted when I try the new design.

This is another one I forgot I had.It is knit from Knit Picks Cot/Lin, a cotton/linen blend:

Thanks for reading.


  1. these are gorgeous! what a great idea! :)

  2. Thanks! I love them.I'm going to make more whenever my stupid hand heals...

    The really good thing about them is they don't take much yarn so you can use super-luxurious yarns that feel so good.

  3. Love these! I'm not a big hat wearer, but these would do the trick and they're pretty, too!

  4. Thanks, Ellie. I've got a lot more planned.

  5. Perfect for this cold weather. Is there a pattern available?

    Thanks, Karen


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