Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Charting the Traveling Vine

When it comes to knitting lace, the lacier the lace the better I like it. One of my favorite patterns is one called Traveling Vine. I made a scarf for my sister Lisa in alpaca and it turned out very nice but I've always found the pattern challenging because I could never find the pattern as a chart - only as written instruction. So finally I decided to try making my own chart.

This is a scarf I am working on at the moment:

It has a border in Old Shale and then the rest of it will be traveling vine.

I am working with two strands of laceweight purchased from an eBay vendor who specializes in recycling luxury fibers. The pale violet ball is 100% cashmere and the darker is 50% silk/50% cashmere. Consequently it is very soft and luxurious with a luscious drape.

The trick with Traveling Vine is to remember that the RS row has 9 stitches but the WS row only has 8. This is accomplished by making 2 yarn overs on the Right Side with 1 T2tog, then another K2tog on the Wrong Side but NO yarn overs. Make sure that whether you are knitting 2 together or purling 2 together the stitches slant in the same direction.

So this is the chart I created (click to enlarge). If you'd like to try it out and see how it works for you, please let me know what your results are. I'll keep refining it until I get it right.

Thanks for reading.

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