Sunday, November 28, 2010

The E-Book Revolution Is Hot for the Holidays!

In the spirit of the holidays and in celebration of my new collection of short stories, love, murder, etc. I am giving away free e-books! Now through the end of the year, you can get a free copy in your choice of e-formats (through Smashwords) suitable for use on Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader or any other e-reader when you purchase ANY of my other five books in either paperback, Kindle or Nook. Just send your order number to and a Smashwords coupon will be sent to you.

PLUS if you order a paperback or e-book of Each Angel Burns or The Old Mermaid's Tale, you can also get a free Smashwords coupon for  Each Angel Burns, The Old Mermaid's Tale or My Last Romance!

Anyone who has purchased books (paperback or e-book) in the last two months (since September 1, 2010) is also eligible for the free Smashwords coupons. Just email and specify what you bought and where.

love, murder, etc. is a collection of eight short stories, three of which have been previously published. Included are:

  • Sailor's Valentine - Everyone thought shopkeeper Miranda Light was too aloof and too reserved to let a man get close to her. Everyone thought lobsterman Tristan Hancock was too independent and too cantankerous to fall in love. No one was prepared for what happened when they met.
  • Mardi Gras Was Over - As a girl she ran away to Mardi Gras with a dangerous stranger on a Harley. Now her teenage daughter is pleading to go to Mardi Gras, too. There are things about her past that a mother might not want her child to know.
  • The Mermaid Shawl (previously published in The Mermaid Shawl & other Beauties: Shawls, Cocoons and Wraps) - She came to an island in the Great Lakes to mourn the loss of her father. There she found three new passions - dying yarns from the island vegetation, knitting them into mysterious patterns of lace, and the beautiful stranger she pulled from the sea.
  • Arthur's Story - He was born in New York City at the turn of the century and as an orphan, against all odds, found a way to survive. Little did he know he had a "guardian angel" who made sure of that. 
  • Home-made Pie and Sausage (previously published in Level Best Books' Windchill: Crime Stories by New England Writers) - If you let your friends get away with criminal behavior you best not do it in this diner.
  • Killing Julie Morris (previously published in Level Best Books' Riptide: Crime Stories by New England Writers) - Julie Morris thought she could do anything she wanted to but when she started fooling around with the wrong guy things turned icy fast.
  • Just An Old-Fashioned Murder - Some things are just not tolerated, like taking advantage of the more vulnerable members of the Monday Night Needlework Guild.
  • The View from The Lighthouse - The lighthouse was the site of one of the most notorious murder-suicides in 1950s. Now 50 years later she lives in the lighthouse and is in love with a fisherman who isn't treating her right. It's enough to give a girl ideas....
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