Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another Lovely Review

I've never met Elizabeth Payne. We got to know each other online because she is a knitter and had purchased my knitting book. She has a business of her own, Damsel Fly Studios, and does gorgeous work. Her shop is on Etsy and many of her designs are based in nature and sea lore so we have a similar aesthetic. When i learned that she lived in Erie, PA, the fictionalized setting for The Old Mermaid's Tale, she purchased the book and told me later that she loved it. She recognized many of the settings and references in the book.

Yesterday she told me on a Facebook post that she had stayed up until 3a.m. finishing Each Angel Burns and that she loved it. I suggested I'd appreciate it if she cared to post a review on Amazon. This is what she wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars There IS Passion After 50November 6, 2010
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This review is from: Each Angel Burns (Paperback)
Wow, Kathleen, you have done it again. You have shown that love, passion, and romance are NOT just for the women with perfect bodies and flowing tresses, who lust longingly after moody men with six-pack abs. Your characters represent everyone of us, with the challenges in life both ordinary and extra-ordinary that are believable and relatable. Even the dog is a believable mutt too! When reading the scenes with Zeke, I found myself giving my own dog, albeit she is a lot smaller, some scritches behind the ears. So few books are written for those of us in this stage of life that have this kind of romantic, mystery story to them. Also, the story is honest with the struggles that also come with lifes changes, career changes, marriage changes, faith...and instead of a faith growing weaker, it is a faith that grows stronger and witnesses its own personal triumphs.

Readers, if you have not read Kathleen's other books, My Last Romance, and The Old Mermaid's Tale, well then, WHY NOT??? You really owe it to yourself to read these amazing stories of love,passion and romance. What love and romance really are. Not the sappy stuff churned out by formula book after book by the chain writers. Each story that Kathleen tells is a treasure, and gift. I am looking forward to her next one.

And I have on order her cookbook. As a "fellow" Pennsylvanian, it is a must have!
And if you are a knitter, her Lace knitting book is another must on your shelf as well!


So I am deeply grateful and so happy to know she enjoyed my book. There is nothing a writer loves more than a happy reader.

Thanks for reading!!!

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