Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some Quick Easy Very cool Hair Ornaments for Gifts, Part 1

I posted before some hair ornaments I made using metal barrettes with fabric bows attached to them. So then I decided I wanted to try making some with beads. I think these are quite attractive and, with a small initial investment in the bases and a few notions, you can make a bunch of them in a short period of time. They make great gifts for all the girls of all ages with long hair on your list.

The first one I made was on a plastic comb I just happened to have. I wrapped some scraps of black Polar Fleece around the comb and then with a needle and thread stitched on some crystal beads I had left over from an earlier project.
 This is a lovely, easy way to make a quick French twist. Just insert the teeth of the comb into your hair, twist it around and tuck it in securely. You can see in the photo below how this works.
 This is a simple metal clasp that I wrapped with Polar Fleece, stitched it in place and sewed on six 12mm aurora borealis crystals from Fire Mountain Gems. It took less than half an hour and it makes a great ponytail barrette:
You can see in the picture below two of these barrettes. I discovered that Polar fleece is the secret. A half yard of Polar Fleece will cost about $5 and you can make dozens of these with it. What makes it great is you don't have to worry about it unraveling and it is cushy and soft to stitch things to:
Here are a few of the supplies you'll need: thread, scissors, sewing wax (to keep thread from tangling and give it strength), and a few of the metal barrettes before they are decorated. I bought a dozen of the metal forms on eBay for $4. The beeswax cake is a staple in my sewing box and costs about $3 in most fabric stores.  
 So tomorrow I'll show you the other notions that make these easy to whip together and a step by step look at how it works.

Thanks for reading.

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