Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Fuschia Cashmere Cowl for Winter - Yummy!

In my never ending quest to own all the cashmere yarn (and all the silk fabric) in the world, I bought several more lots of recycled cashmere from an eBay vendor. I absolutely love this stuff. Everything I bought was either pure cashmere or a cashmere/silk blend. It arrived in two days and could not be prettier. The new must-have knitted item is the cowl which is much like a lace scarf only knit in a tube so it can be worn conveniently around the neck and then pulled up over the head too.

I started with some 100% cashmere in the loveliest shade of fuschia. It was originally a Banana Republic sweater but is now well on its way to becoming a lovely, lacy cowl. In the picture below you can see how much of this pretty yarn there is. I'm working two strands together on size 5 needles.
 I started out by casting on 170 stitches and working 10 repeats of 17 stitches in Old Shale. The advantage of doing this for the end of the cowl that will go around your face is that Old Shale used this way creates a naturally elastic border. After 5 repeats of Old Shale I switched to a combination of Horseshoe Lace and my favorite Trellis lace.
 My intention is to naturally transition this pattern into Madiera Lace which will require the addition of a few stitches per pattern repeat and, because Madiera Lace is much "lacier" it will fan out more to fit over the shoulders.
You can see here how it is progressing. It is a beautiful piece and is working up really fast. I love the design and it is so deliciously soft it is just amazing. I plan to make another one from the violet cashmere I got in a different lace combination.

So that's what is going on in my knitting world. As the days get colder these lovely, lacy, super warm cashmere cowls will certainly come in handy.

Thank for reading.


  1. I love the Madiera Lace, they look so elegant.

  2. There's really a lot of things you can do with cashmere and for some reason, whatever it maybe - cashmere still stands out!

  3. Cashmere never goes out of style. I love how you worked on it.


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