Monday, September 20, 2010

Crochet Your Own Buttons?

Admittedly I have not done much knitting this summer, though I've been sewing constantly. But I am nearly finished with the lace cardigan I'm knitting from some super soft pink-with-sparkles cotton yarn I bought on eBay. This is the back when it was in progress:
Now that the pieces are all knit I am in the process of sewing them together and then I intend to crochet around the cuffs and the front of the sweater to make a nice, stable border. This was a very, very easy lace pattern to learn and I think it is going to be comfy to wear.

So I was thinking about buttons for it and I got the idea to crochet some buttons based on some I'd seen in The Button Maker. Using a small crochet hook and some of the leftover yarn (I have a LOT of it) I wound a couple loops around the end of my finger and crocheted 6 stitches into it then I pulled the tail up tight to close the hole. I then went around three times crocheting 2 stitches into every sc. I then crocheted a single round without increases, then crocheted three rounds decreasing every other stitch.

As the opening got smaller I made a very tight little ball of yarn with another piece of the yarn about the size of a marble and I tucked it into the middle of the ball. In some books I've seen they put a wooden bead inside but I like using the ball of yarn because, for one thing, it doesn't show through ,and, because it is softer, you can stitch through it to anchor the button more securely. Finally I crocheted the last six stitches to close up the hole, cut a long tail and looped it through the stitches to secure the closing. This is the result:
Aren't they cute? I can't wait to finish the sweater and sew them on. In fact, I like them so much I might make some yellow ones for the cashmere/silk Estonian style sweater I made last year. I put Czech glass buttons on that one but they are too heavy and I do have some leftover yarn:
Thanks for reading.

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