Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying To Capture A "Feel"

A few weeks ago I got an email from a woman in Oregon who told me something every designer loves to hear. She said she had admired my design work, for both web and print, for years and had long wished to have me design something for her. She said that she was starting a business and she wanted to know if I would be willing to work with her to develop a logo, promotional materials and a "look" that would capture the essence of her work.

Her business is giving seminars and lectures on family emergency preparedness to faith-based groups. She told me she wanted me to use my creativity and imagination and do whatever I liked. All she said was she liked the idea of using a rainbow and a marine look. This is the design she chose and which I used for the basis of the rest of he marketing materials:
The name of her business, obviously, is The Noah Anointing, so I first created this logo:
The dove, of course, is from the Biblical story of Noah. I love the fonts we chose for this! Then I did the web site, the home page and one of the inside pages are below:

She also wanted a business card:

With business cards I always turn the file over to the client so they can have them printed by whoever they prefer. Hers are being printed at Vistaprint. She liked the business card so much she decided she also wanted a brochure:

I really loved the contrast of the stormy seas on the outside of the brochure and the light coming through the clouds for the inside. She did, too, and asked if I could create a couple PowerPoint backgrounds. The one is at the top of this blog and this is the second one:

I'm really happy with the look of this stuff! It isn't often a designer is given complete artistic freedom! I hope her business does well. It certainly was a joy to be able to work with her.

Thanks for reading.

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