Monday, August 02, 2010

Gram Werner's Lady Quilt & other Quilting Ideas

My friend Leslie Wind has been urging me to watch the HBO series Carnivalé for some time now. I started yesterday and, in the first episode, I was struck by --- you guessed it --- some sewing. In this case (below) a gorgeous Crazy Quilt. I made such a quilt many, many years ago out of scraps of velvet and satin all edged in hand embroidery like the one shown here. When I finished it I cut it up and made it into a jacket lined with magenta satin. I wore that jacket for years.
In the next scene in the episode I also spotted this quilt on a clothes line. I think the pattern was called Grandmother's Flower Garden.

So, naturally, I started thinking about Gram Werner's Lady Quilts which she designed and made over and over and over. There is one on my bed now. I told the story of the quilt in Fry Bacon. Add Onions. That's Gram with her second Lady Quilt in the picture below. It was taken in 1982 by our friend Ray who sometimes guest blogs here.
In 1983 this photo and her quilt was featured in a magazine called Olde Time Needlework Patterns and Design (below):
I have saved that magazine for years and today as I looked through it (probably for the first time in 20 years) I was amazed at the patterns for knitted lace in it. I'll have to look closer at those. But I wrote the article and drew the pictures that they used.

I can't believe how quaint they seem to me now but that was over a quarter of a century ago.

I've been thinking I might like to make another Lady Quilt. I haven't made a quilt in many years but I'm considering maybe making one in luxury fabrics like the Crazy Quilt. In 1981 I designed 2 applique patterns that were published in a different quilting magazine.The two designs, for a unicorn and a hot air balloon were pillow tops that I made:
The magazine article also included the pattern pieces. I'm going to scan them tonight and make them available.

Well, it's a beautiful, cool first day of August, my favorite month, here in Gloucester. There are sea breezes today but a different fragrance fills the house because a little skunk has taken up residence under the car parked right in front of our front door. So I think I'll spend the day in my sewing room and make something pretty, despite the familiar perfume wafting in on the breeze. Wishing everyone a beautiful day.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I am so glad you wrote about this.
    every time I see an old style hanky or decorated pillowcase, i think of Gram Werner's Lady quilts, they are wonderful.


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