Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodbye, Beloved Tree

It's a sad day in the neighborhood, our lovely Japanese Dogwood tree was cut down today. It is the sight I saw for over a decade now when ever I looked out of my living room window. The tree was planted over 60 years ago by the owner's father and he is as sad as the rest of us to see it go.

Because of the difficulty of finding parking during bad weather every winter, people who rent apartments in these historic neighborhoods are reluctant to rent places without parking so the owner of this house feels compelled to build a parking lot. The tree must go. I watched with a lot of sadness today as the poor tree got cut down, sawed up, and carried off. It is a great loss.

So, goodbye beloved tree, you will be missed. You will be missed in winter when your branches looked so lovely and graceful when coated with snow, and in the spring when you were covered with creamy white blossoms, and in the summer when your dense foliage kept the sun at bay and, especially in the fall when you were the brightest, most colorful tree in the neighborhood. I think I'll pull the blinds now and pretend that you're still there.

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  1. For a parking lot? That's especially insulting.


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