Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Six Food Blogs that Every Foodie Should Meet

It's summer and in summer, with its bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, even those of us who do not cook regularly, can't help but search the web for recipes and inspiration. These are six blogs I find myself going back to every day just to see what luscious things they are offering:

1.) Dessert for Dinner (a.k.a. Sweet Freak Meets The Eat From Paris) - This blog is not about recipes but, oh, the inspiration it provides! The author is, as her name implies, an unapologetic sweet freak and she blogs about the best places for indulging her sweet tooth in Paris and New York. The current mad craving for flavorful, colorful macaroons is one of her favorite themes. Her photographs are fabulous.

2.) Food for Thought - Blogger Heather Atwood is the food writer for the Gloucester Daily Times and her blog has not just excellent recipes but lovely photography, poetry, interviews and more. She blogs about the findings from the local Farmer's Market and includes videos of cooking demos.

3.) Paris Breakfasts - Blogger Carol Gillott is an artist who loves good food, loves Paris, and loves painting pictures of the food she loves. Sometimes she shares her paintings, sometimes recipes, always lots of pictures. Right now she is in Maine on a painting excursion and charmed me with the photo above of the General Store in Owl's Head which is much how I had envisioned Darling's General Store in my novel Each Angel Burns. Her blog is always a treat.

4.) Inspired Cooking with Laurie Lufkin - Everybody loves Laurie Lufkin! How can you not? Her recipes are loaded with fresh, creative goodness and her cooking videos are delightful. Laurie loves entering cooking contests and her Facebook friends recently helped her win a competition that will have her going to a cook-off in Chicago in September. Sometimes her young daughter Lily guest blogs and that's the best treat of all.

5.) Food and Fiction - Jane Ward loves two things, writing and cooking, and both are deliciously showcased in her blog. She reports on fresh food findings and her recipes are loaded with summery goodness. In today's blog she has a recipe for couscous with fresh currants, a favorite summertime treat of mine. Her photographs of fresh produce and what she turns it into are lovely and mouth-watering.

6.) Passionate about Baking - This is my favorite surprise blog of recent months. The author, Deeba Rajpal, lives in New Delhi, India, and is a passionate baker with recipes that knock my sox off. Above is a Mango Vanilla Bavarian Cream Cake that makes me want to lick the screen. She is so creative and her photographs are so scrumptious you can't help going back just to feast your eyes. She gives measurements in cups, teaspoons and grams and sometimes uses ingredients unavailable here but she almost always gives an alternative that westerners can find. I love it when she posts pictures of her children, like a little window into another wonderful world.

Hope you find time to visit some of these excellent blogs. You'll enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.

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