Friday, July 09, 2010

The Crafting Life in Estonia

One of the things I love the most about bloggers on the internet is the opportunity to see what daily life is like for other women around the world who knit and sew and cook and live simple, creative, quiet lives. Every now and then I come across a blog -- written in another language, usually -- filled with pictures that makes me daydream about the daily life of the woman who keeps it. The one I spent time looking at recently is from a young woman in Estonia who knits, sews, bakes bread, raises a garden along with two beautiful blond children (who wear Crocs!) and, with her handsome blond husband, just built a house. It is called simply Kasitoo (Crafts). Thanks to Google translate, I can understand it a little bit.

My favorite part of her blog is the pictures she posted of little dolls she made for her children. She knits them on fine needles and either knits clothes for them or dresses them in scraps of fabric from old clothes. They are so precious.

She has lots of other pictures --- all of them charming. Pictures of the backyard play center they made for their children, of her crafting guild and their projects, of the bread she baked and the strawberries she raised. It is all very sweet.

I guess because we live in such a crazy world where there is so much tension all the time it comforts me to read about people whose lives are like those of me and my family. People who take pride in cooking a good meal, making a sweater to keep someone they love warm, sewing a colorful tablecloth for a special meal. I don't know the woman who writes this blog but I love it and I love her and her family. This is a picture of her house in winter.

Somewhere in Estonia on a cold winter night or a pretty summer day there is a young wife and mother making something lovely for the people she loves. Thinking about that makes me happy.

Thanks for reading.


  1. So adorable. Blogs like this make me dream of moving someplace with real winters and a distinct lack of strip malls.

  2. I understand you. We have real winters once in awhile and only one shopping center but somehow life there looks so much more earthy and simple.


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