Friday, June 04, 2010

A New Design & Blasts from the Past

A few weeks ago I got a call from someone here in Gloucester asking if I could help with the start-up of a new group designed to help promote downtown businesses and activities. I was pleased to be asked and one of the things they asked for help with was to "tidy up" their logo. They had a drawing by some kids from Art Haven that they wanted to use, they just needed a little help to turn it in to a logo. The drawing of the boat and the letters formed out of rope was really cute so it didn't take a lot of work to convert it into Connect Gloucester's new logo:
As I was working on it I started thinking about my earlier career as a technical illustrator for a fiber optics manufacturer. I was hired by Dolan-Jenner back in the mid-90s to create illustrations of fiber optic components for their catalogs and brochures. It was actually pretty interesting and I loved the hundreds of designs their engineers were continually creating. This is one my illustrations from a catalog long ago:
Back then I knew what all of that meant, too. After leaving Dolan-Jenner I went to Stocker Yale, another manufacturer of fiber optics and laser components. There I got to do illustrations in color. I also was asked to redesign their logo and they still use my logo:
I left there in 2003 but they still have a few of my illustrations on their web site. These are phase masks:
And this very cool illustration was created for the opening of a PowerPoint presentation on laser technology.
I don't get requests for technical illustration much any more but I'm happy to say I still like some of the work I did back then. I guess every thing you are asked to do builds skills that can lead to something new. 

So, if you are a Gloucester resident look for Connect Gloucester on Facebook. They are working to mke Gloucester even better!

Thanks for reading.

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