Sunday, June 06, 2010

A New Challenge: Altering a Prom Dress

With times being as they are and most people looking for ways to save a few bucks resellingprom dresses has become a thriving business. It's the time of year when proms are happening and, of course, the young ladies want to look gorgeous, often with not a lot of money. Last year I altered a beautiful "corset"-style prom dress which involved removing dozens of beaded lace motifs from the bodice, taking in the sides and then re-applying the lace by hand. It was time consuming but easy enough to do.

This year I was asked by another young friend to help with her prom dress. It needed a few minor adjustments in the bodice but the skirt was much, much too long.

When I had her try the dress on I discovered that there were in actuality FIVE hems! The silky, bias-cut top skirt, a lining for that, two black net crinolines and an underlining to the crinolines. The crinolines were easy, I only had to snip off about 4 inches on each of them but the other three skirts were all cut on the bias so I opted to just zig-zag the two lining skirts once the excess was trimmed off but what to do about the tap skirt? It wasn't going to hem easily and the fabric was so slippery it kept sliding out from under the needle.

Solution: my trusty old fall-back rayon ribbon seam binding. I attached it with a narrow zig-zag to the perimeter of the hem then turned it up once and used an edging foot to make a narrow seam to tack it in place.

It worked but was a tedious job getting the tape to fold under neatly. I console myself that proms are dark and no one is going to be looking at my young friend's feet in that glamorous gown. 

I'm glad I'm not young any more....

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ahh, memories of prom time. I remember feeling so annoyed about how much money it was costing out of my hard earned part-time job wages to buy those stupid dresses. Followed a few years later by the Bridesmaid Merry-Go-Round.

    It's so great that you can help those girls have a terrific dress.


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