Friday, June 11, 2010

In Love With Tools

I love tools and I come by that honestly. If you ever saw my Dad's shop you would know what I mean. His shop, which was on the first floor of our house, was huge and jam-packed with tools, machines, gizmos, widgets, and thingamabobs --- and he knew what all of them were used for.

As you know I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. I just love being in my sewing room and even when I am just puttering round and organizing things it makes me happy. Recently I was sorting through my notions and making a list of stuff I needed to stock up on. I placed an order with Sew True for their 1100 yard spools of Gutermann thread and another order with Gone Sewing for notions. The package arrived yesterday and, among other things, contained these nifty items:
Since I have been sewing a lot with pure silk and with rayon jersey seam binding is invaluable. The Hug Snug seam binding is woven rayon, extremely silky, soft and stable and wonderful to work with. I recently made two rayon jersey tops with a v-neck and button placket and I used seam binding stitched along the shoulder seam, around the armholes and along the neckline. In the past when I made tops from rayon jersey --- which is one of the nicest fabrics imaginable for summer because it is so soft and light --- they became very stretched out with a few washings but the seam binding fixes that problem. In fact, I liked these two tops so much (I had aqua and magenta) I ordered fabric for two more (wedgewood and deep rose) from Fashion Fabric Club.

Marking tools have gotten so much better in recent years. The tailor's chalk that was once invaluable is still good for sturdier fabrics but for lightweight summery fabrics there are marking pens with ink that either fades in a couple hours or can be washed out. Sewing glue sticks are another treasure. When you are trying to get a tricky seam to stay put before sewing a little dab of sewers glue can hold the fabric better than any pin can without damaging the fabric or mucking up your machine. And fusible sewing tape is another treasure. It comes on rolls of various sizes and can be tucked in to narrow spaces and pressed to make collars, plackets, and cuffs easy and neat.

So those are a few of my favorite new tools. Having a decent supply on hand makes sewing much more fun and efficient.

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