Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Picture of Sweaters

The picture of my Dad's sweater the other day reminded me of this one. My sister Lisa took it years ago of four of us wearing sweaters I knit:
On the far left is my sister Chris wearing an Aran-style sweater I made for her in a pretty peach-colored yarn. I think the yarn was something acrylic because, at the time, I wasn't very sure of myself as a knitter. But the sweater turned out pretty good.

Next to her is my brother Jack wearing a sweater knit from Lamb's Pride Wool/Mohair. I charted that pattern myself. Jack told me when he was going through chemo that sweater was the only thing that kept him warm. I still get weepy when I think of that.

The third one is my sweater knit from Ballybrae wool in a design I made up after three Viking ships landed in Boston and I went to see them. The design includes Norse runes, Nordic symbols including the ships and the names of the ships knitted into the border. I still have the sweater and sometimes wear it when it is really cold.
On the far-right is sister Anne in an Icelandic ski sweater I knit from Lamb's Pride. Actually, I knit the sweater with Lisa in mind but it fit Anne better so she snagged it. I knit a Faire Isle-style cardigan for Lisa to replace it. I should get a picture of her in that.

So, those are a few of my sweater creations. More will be coming one of these days.

Thaanks for reading.

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