Friday, May 07, 2010

You can buy lobsters on the Internet???

Here in Gloucester buying lobsters fresh from the ocean is easy, just swing by Captain Joe's on East Main Street. But in other parts of the country lobster, the really, really good lobster from the icy waters of the North Atlantic, are a somewhat rarer treat. That's why I was kind of excited when a Florida based lobster dealer contacted me about designing and building a web site for his business.

It's actually amazing how this works. He is based in Florida but his lobsters ship from Canada. Most of his clients are upscale private clubs and businesses but he wanted a site that would be tempting to people around the country who aren't lucky enough to live a couple blocks from the ocean.

One of the most enjoyable parts of building this site was having access to some really great photography --- some of it stock, some from the lobster company that ships the lobsters. We considered adding a section of recipes but decided instead to create a page showing beautifully prepared seafood dishes with links to some of the best cooking sites on the internet including, and This served two purposes, it provided a wide range of recipes and instructional videos and it created lots of links to enhance search engine optimization.

The site was built with a server-side store that allows the owner to take orders using any credit card and to update prices and specials on his own. Once the store was in place I made a step-by-step list of instructions for him and he now changes information on his own.

So, even if you get your seafood from the Gloucester waterfront, you might want to stop by Canadian Atlantic Lobster and check out the gallery of recipes and videos. If the pictures on this site don't make your mouth water, the recipes will.

Thanks for reading.

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