Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just for Fun: 2 Silk Bags --- Pretty

When I emailed pictures of my new silk saris to my sister Anne she loved the green one with the little elephants on it. She said, "Oooo, wouldn't that make a pretty bag?" So because I had a ton of silk left over, I decided to try making a bag. I did some fancy piecing to take best advantage of the borders and this is the result:

Pretty cute, huh? I had som leftover black velvet from the jeans I made a couple weeks ago so lined it with that:
The button is a Czech glass button that was in my button box which has a very cute elephant on it.

The secret to making the bag is using a good, stiff, iron-on interfacing to stiffen the silk which is very fluid. I liked this one so much I decided to try making one with the gold silk I used for my "deer" shirt:
I had some silk dupioni in a deep burgundy with a gold iridescence to it so I used that for the lining:
I'm not sure if I like the button which is also Czech glass so I may change it.

Well, I'm going to send the green one to Anne and I'll probaly make a couple more, they are so easy to make --- basically just four rectangles (bottom, sides, handles, closure loop) cut from the silk, interfacing and lining. I made the second one in about an hour.

This is a fun, entertaining project for when I am in between bigger projects. And a good way to use up stash scraps that were too pretty to throw out.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks. I was actually thinking about your beautiful bags when I ws working on it.

  2. Very, very pretty.

    You are so talented!


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