Friday, April 09, 2010

My New Cashmere Sweater & Strawberry Sangria

Just in time for our recent heat wave I finished a new sweater in a wonderfully soft cashmere bouclé from Colourmart UK. Now that the weather has cooled back down I may get to wear it for a bit too.

The style is just a basic cardigan from the same layout as my Forest of Ferns Sweater. The lace pattern is the same Lacy Braid pattern that I gave the diagram for on page 38 of my knitting book.

This is a beautiful lace and very, very easy to learn. The yarn is just wonderful to work with --- light and fluffy with a slightly silky feel to it.
I made knitted-in buttonhole. The four buttons are from my button box. I have to say, it knitted up really fast even though I was working on #4 needles. The color is a deep, rich dark black --- much darker than the pictures seem to show.

I've really developed a love of cashmere --- it is so lovely to handle and to wear. I've started work on another sweater in the soft blue cashmere chenille I bought from Spindlecraft last year. I'm working on #1 needles so it is going to be awhile until it is finished but the feel of this fiber is so delicious I don't mind.

And, since it is nearly strawberry season, it might be a good time to mix up a batch of Strawberry Sangria to enjoy while wearing it. This is from the Sangria section of Fry Bacon. Add Onions: The Valentine Family & Friends Cookbook:

My Strawberry Sangria
In a large pitcher place:
½ lb. fresh strawberries, cut in half
2 tangerines, peeled, sectioned and
broken in half
1 cup Hiram Walker Tangerine Schnapps
Fill with burgundy and let chill overnight

Thanks for reading.


  1. How lovely! Will you share your pattern for your sweater.

  2. Lovely sweater and the recipe looks good too!

  3. Hello Kathleen~ ~I stopped by to see your new sweater found your link on Richard Lawns group. Spending much too much time reading your blog, What fun! The sweater is lovely. Loved Nun storys but the thing that really excited me was the Shanty song. OMG, haven't heard one of them for years. Are they popular in your home town on the harbor? Here being inland, I'm not even sure many folks know of a Shanty.

    It's been so nice meeting you and I'll be back later. Have a wonderful day.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. Thank you all. Yes, I will write the pattern up when I get time.

    Ahrisha, there is a shanty group that meets every Tuesday night here in Gloucester. If you are ever in the area stop by Cameron's on Tuesday evening!


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