Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little by little progress happens...

I got an email from Susan Oleksiw complimenting me on Each Angel Burns which she had just read. Susan is the author of the Mellingham mystery series and a terrific writer. She is the founder of Larcom Review and one of the founders of the Level Best Books, which publishes an annual crime anthology. I am flattered that she likes my writing. She wrote: I finished your book this weekend and have to say I'm very impressed with the whole story, especially the way you pull the mystery together at the end. Wonderfully done. Good characters, good planting of clues, great setting, great tie-in with the two periods of the setting and the young virginal women who occupy the place. Well done!!

It is always a thrill to have your writing appreciated by a writer whose work you respect.

Because Susan's Level Best Books has been so successful and people want to know how she did it she has organized a forum on self-publishing to be presented on April 29 at the Sawyer Free Library's Lyceum. I have been invited to be on the panel. I am delighted by this and will be there with copies of all five of my books. Now that I have five books in print I receive a check every month from the printer/distributor for books sold and, I've got to say, it is exciting. It is exciting because that money comes to me because I am a writer. That just thrills me. Sometimes the checks are modest but they still pay a couple bills. Sometimes they are impressive. I'm not at the point where I can live on them yet but whenever there is enough to pay the rent I have hopes.

So, I am inviting everyone to come to the Sawyer Free Library in Gloucester on April 29th. I'll be there with Susan, Gunilla Caulfield author of Murder on Bearskin Neck, and Thomas A. Hauck author of Pistonhead. Please join us!

On Sunday I will be doing an interview with the local paper for an article on the new cookbook/memoir, Fry Bacon. Add Onions. I don't know what the publication date will be but I'm looking forward to that, too. Little by little progress happens.

Thanks for reading.

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