Monday, January 18, 2010

The Raspberry Gloves to go with the Raspberry Beret

I had a lot of the yarn leftover. It is the most deliciously soft angora you can imagine. So I decided to make matching gloves. I've finished one and am halfway through the second one and I love them!

Basically I used the same stitches,  Moss Stitch with a narrow Rick-Rack stitch going up the back. I've discovered a much better way of ending the fingers than I've used on previous gloves. Before I had been attempting to narrow the fingertips gradually but then I found two different glove patterns that had a much simpler solution. When you have knit the fingers long enough to be halfway up your fingernail knit a round thus: (K1, K2tog) all the way around. Then make a knit round. Then make a K2tog round. With a needle,pick up the remaining stitches and pull them tight. Make a few stitches to secure the yarn and then weave it in and move on to the next finger.

I'll write the pattern up and post it when I can. In between recipes....
Thanks for reading.

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