Friday, October 16, 2009

Terrence Scott asks the question a lot of us wonder about...

A fourth-grader in New Orleans with a big heart and genuine faith asks the President an excellent question:

And some very insightful responses:
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After eight years of the disaster known as Bush. Not a birther, deather, bagger or town hall crier in sight. Mmm....wonder why?
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I love this guy. He can turn something like this into a learning experience.
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- New Carol Snow I'm a Fan of Carol Snow 19 fans permalink
Because they don't like having someone with Black skin in leadership. Because they don't like having a Black man who is intelligent in this seat of power. Because for years they have been told that all a Black person is good for was to nurse their children, work their fields, clean their homes, etc.
Glen Beck was crying yesterday on national television because things are not like they were back in the day when Blacks did not have the power that they do now. He showed pictures of white families in front of the television and all was happy in the world. He kept crying about how things have changed and will never be the same again. He cried and was thoroughly choked up for the cameras.

They hate the president because they have hatred in their hearts. It's really not about the president, it is about them. Hate is such a strong word as it is toxic. The people who live with this hatred inside their heart are indeed toxic, but have no insight into how it is affecting them.

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- New Lowell Thompson - Huffpost Blogger I'm a Fan of Lowell Thompson 12 fans permalink
The kid's question was not rhetorical. It may be the most important question in this nation now.

Why would anyone who believes in the American idea of equality, hate the first AfrAmerican President?

One answer might be that most of the people who hate Obama - Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, the Cheneys, Murdoch, and all their loudmouthed followers DON'T believe in the American idea of equality. They believe this is a white man's country. And they will do anything it takes to keep it that way.

There are lots of "white" folks (I'd guess about 15%) who would like to secede from the USA based on a "black" man being elected, just like they tried to secede almost 150 years ago when a man who wanted to stop the spread of slavery was elected.

So far, we're having a non-violent Civil War. But I've heard guns and ammo sales are going through the roof, especially in the South. I just hope the federal government is ready to do to these new rebels what Lincoln did to the last ones.

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