Friday, August 28, 2009

And the Classless Come Out In Droves....

Frankly I don't know why I should be shocked but I have been by the base, disgusting, classless comments posted on a variety of internet message sites about the passing of Senator Kennedy. It seems those who live their lives mired in hate can't hold back their hatred even while the rest of the country mourns. I swear, what trough do these people spend their time wallowing in?

Yes, there is plenty in the Kennedy family's closet (as there is in the closet of any large, lively family) to question but show a little restraint. You only serve to make yourselves look like the lowlifes you are. That family has been through plenty --- two assassinations, who among us can say what that is like? And, because we have all seen much too painfully in the past several years, the Slime Machines with their agendas of personal destruction never, ever, ever let up. They prey on the haters and the pathetic and count on them to carry their manufactured torches.

Here's the simple truth: nobody really knows what happened at Chappaquiddick. The tragedy was just months after Ted Kennedy had lived through the assassination of a second brother. There have been many variations on the story. The one I keep hearing over and over from people who claim to have known Mary Jo Copechne was told in 2006 on the blog, The Daily Sally. But, you see, that is not the point....

Here is the point: our legal system did not find him guilty of anything more than leaving the scene of a crime (which he may have not known about at the time), he has publicly and painfully apologized for what happened and, most importantly, he devoted the rest of his life to making amends to the entire country. What more do the haters want?

This is what I think, whatever he may or may not have done in life morally is between him and God --- as it is for all of us. But, as a person raised with Catholic values, as Ted Kennedy was, I believe the graces of atonement, forgiveness, and reparation are the most important values in any situation. No matter what the sin, no matter what the crime, no matter what the situation to atone, ask for forgiveness, and make reparation is the most decent and moral of human choices.

As I have been listening to the many memorials offered in honor of Senator Kennedy I hear over and over and over how kind he was, how selfless he was, how giving and compassionate and committed and genuinely desirous of making the world better. Maybe those qualities were all part of his reparation but that doesn't matter. To the people who received them they are everything. When Vice President Biden talked about the support he received from Senator Kennedy when Biden lost his wife and daughter in a car crash, the gratitude he felt for kindness in a time of such deep pain was heart-wrenching.

I'm just so sick of these haters. They live in such a black and awful world and they want to drag the rest of us there with them. All I can say is I hope someone as noble and caring as Senator Ted Kennedy finds a way to touch their miserable hearts and shine some light into their lives. They certainly need it.

Thanks for reading.

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