Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Angel Gone Home -- R.I.P. Carleen

Yesterday I received sad news, Gloucester artist and beloved friend Carleen Muniz passed away after a long and valiant battle with cancer. She will be deeply, deeply missed.

I first met Carleen when I joined the North Shore Arts Association and was elected to their Board of Trustees. Carleen was both an artist and an officer and was utterly devoted to NSAA. She was one of those smiling faces that made that place the joy that it was. Over the years of serving two terms on the Board and then working for them as their web master Carleen was the person I most frequently talked to about issues concerning the web site's maintenance. When I started volunteering at auctions I was always on Carleen's team. She'd call me up before the auctions when she was orgnizing volunteers and say, "Well, I know I can count on you anyway."

She was a fabulous artist having studied with Charles Movalli. Her style was directly influenced by the Cape Ann School of Art founded by Emile Gruppé. I loved her paintings. They were brilliant, vibrant and alive. You can see many of them on her web site. They were frequent prize winners at NSAA. I especially loved her painting of sports. She was an active soccer player, playing on a women's soccer team until just a few years ago. She also worked at the YMCA and was just loved by everyone who knew her.

The last couple of years were difficult for her but she was always bright and cheerful. The last time I tlked to her on the phone I asked how she was doing. Her voice sounded frail but she said, "Oh, I'm fine." Then a pause and then she said, "you know." And I did.

So today the earth is missing an angel. She has left her poor, fragile little body behind but her spirit will stay --- in her paintings, and in the goodness of her life, and in all our hearts. Rest in peace, dear Carleen.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kathleen, I am so sorry to hear that you have had another loss. She sounds like another of those beautiful people you seem to draw to you.


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