Friday, May 01, 2009

So now what?

Remember my Pooling Project? Well, it has progressed considerably and I am now at the point where I wonder what to do next. To recap I started out with 5 skeins of Yarntopia Treasures' Cotton Chenille in different colorways that I thought looked nice together. I experimented trying to force the colors to pool --- a thing most knitters usually try to avoid when working with handpainted yarn. I found that if I knit 9" strips the colors pooled pretty nicely so I worked a long strip changing yarns at random.

When that piece was 72" long I decided to knit a second strip andknit it on to the first one making a 72" by 18" piece and this was the result:

I liked that but I wanted to keep going so I started a third strip. At first I thought of making a blanket but then I got the idea that I might want to try something wearable --- like a beach-coverup. This cotton is so soft and nice. So I knit the third strip but only attached it for 34" and then knit the rest of the 72" unattached. When I was done with that I added a fourth strip for the full length. And this is the result so far:

That is the back (as you can see, I haven't woven in the ends yet.) The overall piece is 72" long by 36" wide with a 38" slit up the front:
Now the question is, what next? I thought of adding a shorter strip centered on each side and turning it into a very loose, breezy jacket but then I was looking at Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls and I noticed her Ruana. It is 90" long overall and can be up to 42" wide. That means I would have to add some length and maybe even a few inches of width but it would be worn like this:

I have plenty more yarn so I could add borders as needed. I've also thought of washing it in hot water to see if it felts down to make a jacket that would be a better size. I can't make up my mind. Thoughts anyone?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Just beautiful. I like what you did very much.

  2. Oh it's beautiful! I didn't know before what "pooling" meant, but it's obvious now.

  3. I think it turned out wonderfully! It's a great eye catcher and has a lot of asthetic beauty. :)

  4. All my favorite colors! It looks like the perfect thing to cuddle up in.

    This is the point where I would give it to the first person who liked it, just so I could stop thinking about it and move it to the Finished column.


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