Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Good Weekend for Needleworkers on Cape Ann

It seems this blog has become very focused on needlework in the last couple of months but that is fine with me. Needlework has become a past-time that borders on obsession with both women and many men in this country. I read recently that the three primary hobbies among American women are quilting, knitting and scrapbooking and that those three crafts have generated millions of dollars in sales and created thriving businesses to service them. If the sales of my knitting book are any indication, this is very true.

This weekend there are multiple knitting events going on. Country Wool from Hudson, NY is holding 2 open Knit & Spin Nights out on Long Beach on Friday and Saturday. The owner, Claudia, has a house out there and knitters and spinners are invited to come by. Tomorrow is our monthly Knitter's Day held in a private home on Briar Neck. Anyone who wants more information can email me. And on Sunday (Sunday, April 19th 12-4:30) there will be a Needleworkers Open House at the Rockport Community House sponsored by Leslie Wind.

This is an informal gathering of knitters, crocheters, spinners or any crafters who would like to come and sit with others to learn and share. There will be several craftspeople who will be showing their work and giving informal miniworkshops and demonstrations. All are welcome.

RoseAnn Hunter knits, crochets and stitches heirloom rugs from old clothes. She teaches over thirty different rugs some dating back to the late 1700's. Her newest designs are combinations of several techniques and expand beyond the traditional color schemes.

Leslie Wind will be showing her line of shawl pins, cable needle necklaces and handmade yarn needles. She will be giving miniworkshops in shawl pin making during the day.

Kathleen Valentine will be present with her new book of patterns for knitting lace shawls. She will give mini workshops in knitting lace.

Hope that last person doesn't screw up!

So it is going to be a beautiful weekend here and plenty of crafting going on!

On another matter: there has been a lot of talk in the media lately about pirates. All America cheered at the extraordinary heroism of Captain Richard Phillips. And we all cheered when the French naval forces raided an unsuspecting bandit “mothership”. And we talked a lot about piracy.

Which led, of course, to talk about this blog's favorite pirate, Jean-Benoit Aubery in Masterpiece Theater's production of Frenchman's Creek. Of all the photos I have on this blog, the one that is most frequently downloaded is a picture I posted a couple years ago of French actor Anthony Delon in his pirate costume from that film. So, to add a little panache to your weekend, you Frenchman's Creek fans, I give you this: Anthony Delon as the sexiest pirate of all times. Click to enlarge. ;o)

Thanks for reading.

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