Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Coveted Scarf

In my last post I talked about the yarn I bought at Coveted Yarn and the scarf I started. Well, it is finished and the results are lovely, I think. So, since it was such a simple thing to knit, I thought I'd post my pattern here. I used one 375-yard hank of Blue Heron's textured yarn and knit ti on #9 needles.

Before I start I want to show you something. See that little tail in the photo below? That's all the yarn I had left. Talk about barely making it - but I did something sort of strange that made that possible.

Before beginning to wind the ball, I measured 6 yards of yarn and placed a small, loose slip-knot at the six yard mark. Then I wound as usual. I cast on 36 stitches and worked 6 rows of garter stitch. Then place markers after the eleventh stitch and the 25th stitch on the right-side row and knit according to the following chart:

The elongated D is the only stitch that is unusual. On WS rows slip that stitch from the left needle to the right and at the same time make a yarn-over, then continue to work in pattern. On the RS row, when you come to that stitch work the slipped stitch and the YO as one K stitch.

That's all there is to it. The pattern that emerges is a sort of lacy braid --- very easy to memorize and very pretty when it is finished. Continue to work in pattern until you finish a row closest to the slip-knot. Now start knitting in garter stitch until you have one yard left. Use that to bind off and I guarantee you that you won't have much yarn left over!

So, there you have it. Get yourself to Coveted Yarns today and pick up a hank and knit yourself a Coveted Scarf.

As Christmas approaches it is time to think about the knitters in your life. My dear friend, jeweler Leslie Wind, has developed a new line of products called "tewelery" --- jewelry that are also tools for knitters. All are available through her web site: or in her Folly Cove shop. My favorite is her beautiful sterling silver yarn needles (below). What a luxurious gift for a knitter!

Her Cable Needle Necklace has gained a following among knitters and now she has designed a matching bracelet that doubles as a place to store your stitch markers as you work! Is she clever or what?

So, have fun. Visit Coveted Yarns and Leslie Wind and be good to you. Happy knitting!!!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Awesome scarf!!!
    Thanks for making the scarf pattern available.


  2. Beautiful scarf! My mom learned to knit when she was growing up in Scotland. She would have loved your scarf! And, also, all the cool knitting blogs. Unfortunately, I was never able to learn, but I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate what other people can make!


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