Friday, November 21, 2008

Emily's Shawl

One of the shawls in the book I am working on is called Emily's Shawl. I named it for my darling niece Emily for whom I made it. She lives in California now and is the mother of two adorable children, Drew and Clare (not to be confused with my red-haired friend and model Clare!) I asked if she could send a picture of herself wearing her shawl for the book. This morning I got these:

The shawl is pretty but nothing compared to the model! Thanks, Em.


  1. Beautiful shawl, beautiful model, and bonus! A shot you can actually use in the book.

    When I ask for a picture I usually get something taken with a cell phone in front a porta potty, or with an unmade bed in the background.

  2. You made me laugh out loud! Actually, I asked if she would wear black and shoot it on the beach (she lives just a block from the beach). I love it that the one photo has a seagull in it because a lot of mine do too!

    She's so darling!

  3. Actually, my sister (Emily's mother) gets mad at me when I say this but I think she looks like our Dad. She has his dark hair and blue eyes. But she is gorgeous all on her own. She is also very sweet and loving.

  4. She sure has grown up well. She was a cute little kid and she is a lovely woman.

    That shawl is gorgeous. When is this damn book going to be ready?


  5. Wow - what a breathtaking picture. When do you think your book will be available? Kathe F

  6. I'm planning on working hard over Thanksgiving weekend with an eye to having the eBook ready the beginning of December. It will take a little longer for the paperback but maybe January?


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